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Most refrigerator repair jobs are too challenging to handle on your own.

However, you can still check for some obvious issues like: clogged capillary tubes, blocked fans, frosted-over defrost heaters, and so on. However, do not attempt to repair your fridge on your own -- this should be left to a professional. So if your fridge runs into issues, save the hassle and call a North Hollywood refrigerator repair specialist.

Our licensed repair technicians have many decades of experience providing refrigerator repair in North Hollywood CA. Just pick up the phone and give us a shout to arrange a diagnostics appointment from your North Hollywood CA location.

We will quickly find the reason behind your need for a refrigerator repair and price out the solution. Your estimate will be for the refrigerator parts and labor necessary to complete the job. This amount will not count the diagnostics fee -- which is waived once you request a repair; if you haven’t dealt with us before, you also get $10 off your first appliance repair.

Typically, we can pick up the refrigerator parts in North Hollywood CA and finish the repair that same day. Also, sometimes we get discounts from these suppliers and we always pass these onto our clients. If you have an old or rare appliance, there’s a small chance your replacement part needs to be ’ordered in’ first. If you have an idea on which refrigerator parts are defective then let us know that before coming out.

No matter when you need assistance, just give us a shout and we’ll quickly come help with your refrigerator repair in North Hollywood CA immediately. We are proud to be the front-running appliance repair company in North Hollywood CA; if you ever need help, just give us a shout!

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Helpful tip

It’s recommended to avoid "green plugs" when repairing your refrigerator. They are a safety hazard because they do not use the same electrical ’waveforms’ that are found in your refrigerator’s electrical parts. Not only is it dangerous, but using the ’green’ plugs could also cause you to void your warranty. There are already enough green-like features in newer refrigerators, so don’t stress over trying to get a little more of an advantage with these problematic plugs. They are physically defective too and can cause moisture buildup and heating issues, as well as break or weaken the fan.

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